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Inspiring Women to Choose Hope & Faith
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Carol Kent

Speaker, Author

“What makes my heart sing?” asks Carol. “Speaking to groups looking for messages that include humor and hope that speak to today’s challenges by pointing to God’s Word.” She says, “I think women need to laugh because life is challenging, but I also think they want to go deeply into God’s Word and find out how to live in the middle of relationship struggles, difficult choices, and hidden fears. Women are longing for authenticity and practical strategies for living out their faith. I’ve spoken at large arena events for Women of Faith, Extraordinary Women, and Women of Joy.

I’ve also spoken at medium sized venues and in small, intimate gatherings. It’s a joy to do women’s conferences and retreats for churches, and sometimes my husband Gene and I team-teach at worship services. I’m also available to speak at fundraising events for nonprofit organizations.”

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Speak Up Conference

Staying Power Carol Kent Book

Staying Power:  Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends Its Worst

By Carol & Gene Kent and Cindy & David Lambert

Too often, when a life crisis hits, a marriage suffers--even a healthy one--and all the personality profiles and couples' therapy in the world won't keep your marriage from experiencing the tough stuff. So how do you and your spouse face the stresses put on your marriage and not only stay together but come out on the other side even more loving and committed?


Carol and Gene Kent are the founders of SpeakUp Ministries, a unique channel of ministries consisting of the widely-acclaimed Speak Up Conference, wildly-appreciated Speak Up for Hope, and brand new October 2020, Speak Up Growth Groups. Carol's passion is to equip speakers and writers, encourage inmates, and empower leaders. For more information, click on each ministry for details.

Equipping Speakers & Writers

Empowering Leaders

Encouraging Inmates


Holy Land Trip

Rescheduled for June 13-20, 2021 due to COVID-19

Join Carol Kent on a trip to the Holy Land with author/speaker Jennifer Rothschild and recording artist Tammy Trent!

Come with us on this pilgrimage as we transform the Bible into reality. We’ll follow in the footsteps of Jesus and visit iconic locations throughout Israel.

The registration page is being updated and will "go live" soon.


Clarity & Focus: Following His Call

By Carol Kent

I was baffled.  As a young adult, how would I ever figure out what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to?  I passionately loved Jesus and wanted to follow His call anywhere He wanted to send me and to do whatever work would further His Kingdom, but…

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Productivity—Ministry that Produces Results

By Carol Kent

Most of my life has been lived in a hurry. As the firstborn of six preacher’s kids it was my responsibility to help on multiple levels—with caring for younger siblings, volunteering for jobs at church, filling in when Bible teachers were absent, organizing events, praying for individuals who were hurting—and…

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The Unexpected Surprise

By Carol Kent

Over the past two decades of my son’s incarceration, I’ve learned that my toughest time of the year is during the Christmas holidays. It may have to do with the colorful decorations in stores, or the lighted trees in yards, or the upbeat seasonal songs on the radio, or with the envy I feel when the driveways on my street have extra cars parked out front for their family reunions—and Gene and I are going to the prison to spend the day behind the razor wire. We’ve been doing this long enough that I am fully aware that my malaise begins early in December and lasts for a full month. I can put on a plastic smile and appear “fine,” but I’m not.

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