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New Book Release: Miracle on Hope Hill

By Carol Kent

Do you believe that God still works miracles? Miracle on Hope Hill is a book of true stories I wrote in partnership with my sister, Jennie Afman Dimkoff about amazing ways that God has worked in the lives of ordinary people.  Life is full of “God Moments,” yet amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life we…

Jason Kent Featured in New “Grace Place” DVD Series

By Carol Kent

Some of the questions I hear most often are: “Has Jason Kent written a book?”  When is your son going to share his heart in written form? Are there videos where he speaks up about what happened?  How can I learn more about what went on in his mind before he was arrested? I am…

“Isaac” Study Guide Just Released

By Carol Kent

Yesterday I opened my e-mail and read cries for help from twelve different people who never expected to have a family crisis that involved the incarceration of a loved one, a child addicted to drugs, a spouse who betrayed them, or the diagnosis of a debilitating disease.  All of the notes had one common denominator. …

Between a Rock and a Grace Place

By Carol Kent

The new book is finally here and I pray it will be an encouragement to you.  I was asked to respond to several questions about the new release for a blog tour and I thought you might enjoy reading answers to several questions about this project: Tell us about the Christmas gift you received. How…

Update on Jason Kent

By Carol Kent

Many of you have asked for an update on our son. On October 25, 2010, Jason will mark his 11th year of incarceration. We have exhausted all of our appeals at both the state and federal levels. Last summer Jason’s paperwork requesting a clemency hearing made it to the top of the pile (a three…

Eat! Pray! Love!

By Carol Kent

Okay, I was curious.  I’m an author and when a book sells over seven million copies, and a film company produces a movie on the subject of the book and it stars Julia Roberts, I simply couldn’t resist exploring why there was so much buzz about this project. The subtitle reads:  One Woman’s Search for…

Becoming a Woman of Influence

By Carol Kent

What would happen if you decided to influence lives on purpose? One of the reasons I wrote the book, Becoming a Woman of Influence, was to challenge women to become more intentional about how we influence others.  Not because we have to, but because we want to.  Not because it’s our Christian obligation, but because…

Who Mentored You?

By Carol Kent

Last month one of my mentors left his earth-shackles and went to heaven. Ray Clendenan was the first adult outside of my family who told me I had potential to do something great for God.  He was the state director of Youth for Christ.  My parents moved when I was in my first year of…

Speak Up!

By Carol Kent

Hi Everybody!  

Welcome to my blog!  It’s been a great year of watching God at work in remarkable ways at women’s conferences, retreats, and outreach events.  It’s been a joy to meet many of you in various venues across the country.  It’s always encouraging to connect with people who have read my books and I love to hear your faith-journey stories.

Next week is one of my favorite events of the year—the annual Original and Advanced Speak Up Seminars will take place at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 23-26.  Participants will gather from twenty states and Canada to learn how to communicate God’s truth more effectively.  They are always enthusiastic about networking with each other and about using their gifts to further his kingdom work!  We tell them:  “We won’t remove your butterflies entirely; we’ll just get them to fly in formation.”  I believe a little nervousness is good because it keeps us depending upon the Lord to translate our message to the heart of the listener.

Participants learn how to find a topic, build a message, tell their own story, develop illustrations, aims, outlines, and applications, teach a Bible passage with clarity, hone their delivery skills, and organize their speaking resources.  The best part of the seminar is that participants get the opportunity to try out what they are learning in small interactive groups with a trained facilitator who gives helpful feedback.