Inspiring Women to Choose Hope & Faith


A Christmas Message from Gene, Carol, and Jason Kent

Dear Friends, Start glorifying God—with words, with song, with celebration, with exploding joy. Thank Him for the precious gift of Jesus. Then in hushed silence, listen for His voice. He is pleased and you are favored when you listen to Him and act in obedience. No matter what your circumstances are, experience the power of praising Him. Imagine what it must have been like for the shepherds to see the angel of the Lord and to experience the radiance of His glory. Then envision a huge host of angels—the armies of heaven—appearing. Consider what that vast choir sounded like as

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Happy Thanksgiving from Gene, Carol, and Jason Kent

We’re learning that our lives always change for the better when we develop the moment-by-moment habit of praising God. When good things are happening, it’s easy for us to voice our thanks. But when we’re hurting, we tend to pull back, almost as if we feel punished. After 19 years of Jason’s incarceration, we’re learning to voice our gratitude in the good times and in the difficult times. Join us in worshiping Him without first thinking about whether or not life seems fair.  Have praise on your tongue: Every. Single. Moment. Tell God what your heart rejoices in. Thank Him

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Tell Your Own Story

Once we got through the shocking reality of the arrest, conviction, and sentencing of our son, we had a big decision to make. Would we hide as much of the story as possible, hoping no one in our work, church, and social circles would hear about it? Or would we bring up the subject honestly, admitting the truth of what happened and discussing what we’ve learned in the process of this unwanted and unexpected situation? Over the past few years, I’ve received many comments and questions on this issue: “I’m afraid my neighbors wouldn’t allow their children to play with

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Our Journey with Jason

The woman in the department store stared at me as I was making my purchase. “Have we met before?” she asked. Nothing about her looked familiar. “I don’t think so,” I responded. She continued to concentrate on my face and then loudly exclaimed, “I do know you! I saw you on television. Your son committed a murder and you and your husband were interviewed.” By this time a few curious bystanders were tuning in to this unexpected conversation. Now all of them were staring at me, waiting for a response. “Yes, that was our family on the program,” I admitted.

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He Holds My Hand

  Have you ever been desperate to hear God’s voice? Has daily life ever felt so demanding you weren’t sure what to do next? Has your phone rung in the middle of the night with unexpected news about a loved one? Has the diagnosis from the doctor brought a sense of fear or unrest? Have you wanted an answer from God, but didn’t know where to turn? I’ve been there.  When my son was arrested for a serious crime after I’d tried to be the best mother I could be, I felt alone. Angry. Hurt. Fearful. Disappointed in God. Those

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No More Perfect Mentors

Do you think you need to wait until your life is perfect before you become a mentor?  I recently spoke at a retreat where I was struck with the age diversity in the group.  There were teens, young adult single women, new moms with their babies, along with middle-aged and older women. I was blessed with intergenerational mentoring in my family of origin, but not everyone has that benefit. My Mama (pictured with four of her daughters and a niece) was a godly mentor to us. At the retreat I heard a testimonial by a young woman named Jordyn Baker

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