Hello, Beauty Full

It’s always a privilege to recommend outstanding books to my readers. My friend, Elisa Morgan, is currently the host of the syndicated radio program, “Discover the Word” and she is the much-loved former CEO of MOPS International. Her latest book is titled Hello, Beauty Full and I highly recommend it. Here, in Elisa’s own words, you’ll learn more about this excellent new resource:

Most of us don’t think we’re beautiful. In fact, a recent poll revealed that 96% of women globally would never use the word beautiful to describe themselves.[i]

Even women who know they are made …

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Lazarus Awakening

What an honor it is to tell you about the newest book, study guide, and DVD series by my friend, Joanna Weaver! In Lazarus Awakening she reveals the profound love Jesus had for Lazarus and the shocking life-after-death-on-earth He lavished on His friend. She skillfully points the reader to a vibrant choice—abundant life! If you long to wake up to God’s unrestrictive mercy, unconditional love, and supernatural power, read this book. It is an ideal small group Bible study choice, too.

Q & A with Joanna Weaver:

1. In your first book, Having a …

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Fight Back With Joy

A new friend to me is Margaret Feinberg, speaker and author of the just-released Fight Back With Joy: Celebrate More. Regret Less. Stare Down Your Greatest Fears.

As a young thirty-something woman she faced a great fear—being diagnosed with cancer! This diagnosis plunged her into a search for the best weapon to propel her to a place of overcoming—and she chose joy. Margaret says: “You have joy not in spite of your circumstances, but because of them. You are drenched in the grace and mercies of God.”

Most of you know I faced a different kind of …

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What I Wish I’d Known Earlier in My Speaking and Writing Ministry

by Carol Kent

At the age of twenty-three I attended my first women’s conference—Winning Women in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I had graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in speech education the year before and I assumed I would be a speech, drama, and English teacher. However, that weekend changed everything about my future plans.

I was seated in the back of the auditorium at Western Michigan University among 3,500 women who were all excited about attending this event. Jill Briscoe was speaking and the conviction of God’s Spirit was heavy on my heart as I sensed his voice saying, “Carol, …

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Grow a Wildfire Faith

Guest Blog, by Diana Pintar

Dear Friends,

Diana Pintar and I have been friends for over two decades and we have both experienced unthinkable personal firestorms. The new book, Unquenchable, was recently released and Diana wrote a blog about it. She so captured the essence of what I want people to get out of this book, that I asked for permission to post it here:

I have just finished reading Unquenchable: Grow a Wildfire Faith that Will Endure Anything, by Carol Kent. I was eagerly anticipating the release of her new book and I read through it in …

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